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Nutritional Services


The mission of the Hamilton-Wenham Food Services department is to prepare nutritious, affordable and appealing meals for the school community and to provide the children with nutrition education for lifelong healthy eating habits.

Menus are planned to meet the recommended dietary allowances (RDA's). Our goal is to keep weekly menu averages below 30% calories from fat. Nutrient analysis and ingredient information is available by request. Menus are created monthly and reflect the students' tastes by offering the choices most popular to students.

A complete lunch meal includes the following components: meat and/or meat alternate, a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains (mostly whole) and milk (skim, low-fat and flavored). Students are encouraged to select items from all groups.

A variety of snacks are offered at all schools for purchasing. All of our snacks meet the standards required by the Massachusetts Competitive Foods Bill which was signed into law in July of 2011.